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Photos are downloaded directly from the website using the email address supplied during the purchase process.

Copyright and all intellectual property rights of purchased photos remain with the photographer or seller in all circumstances. When you buy a photo through Reanna Jane Photography you are not buying the copyright or any commercial rights to the use of the photo. Purchased photos are for personal use only. This includes display at home on electronic media devices (TV's, social media, digital photo-frames, computers), storage on personal phones, distribution for non-commercial purposes via email and intranet, publication on personal web pages and blogs, and the right to print and display the photo for personal use.

Any commercial use of the photo (whole, in part, or modified in any way) is prohibited. Unlawful publication or use of any kind could make you subject to an additional charge or legal action. However, purchasers can ask the seller if commercial usage rights are available and negotiate a fee for the use required.

Once the photo has been downloaded it cannot be returned to the seller for a refund or exchanged for a different file.

Photos are stored on our servers and available for download for 1 year from the date of the event and then deleted.

By purchasing a digital photo using the services of Reanna Jane Photography you agree to accept and abide by these terms and conditions.